Monday, July 7, 2008

O CAOD, The Soap Opera Channel!

After Batolemeus' comments on my last entry I rethought my stance on Requiem. I was being optimistic as usual and some incidents developed which involved a GAME FC and his ops being ridiculed and spurned by some ex-Tri corps. Some spitting and hissing must have gone on within the leadership level because just a few days ago, D00M, Cora, 0men decided to leave the alliance. Rionnag Alba remains, as of the moment, undecided. All this resulted from a clash of egos and the belief that Triumvirate's method of nano-flying is superior over any other method, wich has been disproved when CVA brought in a sniper fleet to the field. Yes, Tri was a powerful alliance while it lasted, but even the most powerful fall and it's high time to put that to rest, seeing how some ex-Tri members refuse to do so. While those players in D00M, Cora, and 0men were great pvpers, the same cannot be said of the emotional quotience of their FCs and leaders and I am not truly upset to see them depart. Best of luck wherever they go.

And of course how could this drama escape from the ever watchful tinfoil eyes of CAOD? Look here for some entertainment, while remember that this is pure tinfoil hattery.

My apologies Bato, good thing I didn't put down any money with my word.

[OOC] Traveling in Thailand atm, and it's HOT (like, hot hot) here. Also, my birthday today! Thanks for all the bday wishes. :)[/OOC]

P.S.: I heartily welcome Seleene as our overlord of the alliance! Some schmoozing is soon required.


Anonymous said...

I belive alot of people forget why they got into gaming in the first place.

Yes we dedicate a lot of time to this game and invest in the realationships we build ingame.

But stop for a second. Winning or loosing... for good or for worse. Are you having fun doing it ?

Yes EvE can be fustrating, it can even be borring at times but logging in and meet my fellow KIA members is the best time of the day.

Getting kicked out of Period Basis on knees and elbows, conqouring Geminate or just roaming around.
I have fun.

To all gamers:
Do a reality check. Do you get mad over small pixels that move across your screen you should stop. If you still have fun by god let's pew pew eachother till the sun sets.

See ya all on the field.


Kirith Kodachi / Farseer Bill said...

Happy Birthday Bri! Enjoy Thailand! :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet, Happy Birthday indeed! Enjoy Thailand...God knows I wont go there due to heat...drink lots of water.

Anonymous said...

And happy Birthday, damn it Im so untackfull :)

Ombey said...

o/ Happy birthday!

batolemaeus said...

The good thing about pessimism is, that you can often say: "told ya".
It's also the worst thing about pessimism. :(

Anyways, happy birthday.

Mac said...

Happy birthday Bri!

Bri said...

Thanks y'all!

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