Friday, August 22, 2008

A Prophecy Fulfilled

Remember that many months ago, when I was still in Insurgency, that I made a prophecy about the combination of the four pvp alliances MC, BoB, Tri, and Insurgency into one superpower that can steamroll the NAPland that is the new North? Well, part of it is coming into fruition with the latest MAX campaign kills. As it stands, the Northern Coalition and Band of Brothers are traditional enemies from the war in the South about 8 months ago.

BoB Loses 12 Dreads

The exact title on our alliance forums. By the way, they also took down 3 Morsus Mihi motherships (an Aeon and two nyxes), 13 dreads, 2 carriers, and more than half of the Coalition's support and battleship fleet. You can view the details of the battle on BoB's killboard; while the GBC fleet far outnumbers the NC fleet, the irony of a Coalition member's comment in local cannot be disregarded:

"There s [sic] no need for smack. It is natural for weaker entities to group up in order to try and defeat a stronger, more powerful enemy. It's flattering really."

As an ex-Insurgency member, I cannot help but chuckle.

The Death of IRON's Flagship

Insurgency, as they were ousted out of Branch, held a big grudge for IRON - an alliance whom Insurgency helped defend and had blue standings with, who caved under the pressure of the Northern Coalition to aid in their quest to remove the Insurgency threat from Branch, sending in huge fleets on the second wave and helped push the momentum of the war against us after the death of Razor's Erebus. IRON even helped camp Insurgency into the Venal Guristas station after we were removed forcibly from Branch.

As with wars in the real world, one can be friends with someone while their countries are hostile to each other; simply look at the stories of friendship between individuals living in Israel and Palestine, Georgia and Russia, the United States and China. I still have many friends in IRON, one of the pillars of the North, from my times living in the Drone Regions. And yet one can sometimes be easily swept into the shifting sands that represent politics. While I cannot blame any of my IRON buddies, for all's fair in love and war, I also cannot help but smile at the Band of Brother's success in Deklein, home of IRON.

The result of the skirmish? A dead Macabre Votum titan, flown by Lord2evil. A summary of the battle, presented from BoB's point of view, can be found on CAOD and is surprisingly good and free from smack.

Touché, Razor alliance. Better be careful with Intensity Green's Erebus - Eve has not yet seen a titan pilot losing 2 titans!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Primetime, Just Not for EVE

I hope everybody is having a glorious summer!

I've been very busy with relocating and setting up IRL, so unfortunately my Internet access has been on, off, shakey, and sometimes reversing in full speed, making Eve all but impossible. Luckily it's now properly set up at my new place... However, I will still be travelling the next two weeks, so I won't get to blog much or play much Eve. As a confirmed Eve geek, I'd like to issue a friendly reminder to others living in the northern hemisphere: Internet spaceship is serious business, but remember that summer is short and winter, soon to arrive, is the prima season for indoor activities.

Meanwhile in my absence, the Requiem has been making inroads into Fountain. Pandemic Legion had left the region and its pets behind earlier on this month, most likely in pursuit of "hotter" regions for pvp prior to Requiem's move-in. Apparently Requiem proved to be a worthy enemy for PL, who returned to the region it once abandoned and issued many strong challenges in terms of nanogangs, capital fleets, and sovereignty swings. As of the moment, Requiem is holding onto its newly gained station system. Much fun to be had by both sides, lots of expensive big ships are making their way around the frontlines, and fair action reports are plentiful but unfortunately, at the moment, still full of smacky commentators.

I'm off to continue my vacation. Until then, fly safe, and shoot many!

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