Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back at CAOD - The Drama Continues!

My apologies if you're not into alliance politics, since I'll have to hold off on my informative posts for a while to come. While I make no claims to be a neutral party, I've attempted to keep some objectiveness in my post.

So, days after The Requiem was featured on the front page of EVE ISD News, the ex-Tri corp leaders (oh sorry, they are Tri again! With the addition of the notorious Burn Eden, good luck...) issued an ultimatum for various emo reasons on Tri's part: 1) they wanted GAME to leave the alliance or they will leave because they didn't like us and our main FC, for reasons unbeknownst to many of us; and 2) they wanted to control and turn Requiem into Tri II and was affronted by the ascension of Seleene to alliance leader. Ok, so this is turning into old news and Tri reformed back in Venal...

Just as we *think* we're getting some peace and get down to serious business, Kar-BOOM! Our alliance forums got mauled from... who else... but a Tri member himself? Apparently, this time it was Karbowiak, the Dane who felt deeply wronged by the handling of the transfer of the forums and killboard. And hell hath no fury like a database admin spurned! Check out the old alliance forum site for yourself and see the screaming fit that was plastered there.

Consider, then, that I gave Karb the benefit of the doubt: that he truly paid for the domain and BDCI did not offer to pay for it but wanted the domain anyway. In that case, I am inclined to frown upon the person receiving the domain, but the subsequent SQL dump of the entire forum database on Scrapheap IRC, including any new and old RQM (yes, including Tri) members' emails and passwords, did not endear anyone to his opinion. If he had any sympathizers, he certainly had none left when the entire code was posted in a public forum. Flaming Yaay is one thing, but I believe this person completely lost his head in his righteous rage and did something that's deeply disliked and borderline illegal in the online world: releasing private contact details. You'd think a database admin would know better.

If you want people to believe in you, write with flair and logic like me or Seleene (told you the schmoozing begins now) - nerd rages don't get anyone far in life and make that person look like a typical forlorn gamer dude who doesn't have a life or any semblance of intelligence. That's why I waste little time posting in CAOD, because sinking into the quagmire makes one look rather witless. The drama, however, beats Desperate Housewives and makes fantastic lunch-time reading. Well... at least to a gamer chick like myself.

Some people really need to get a life away from Eve. Touché!

(I swear, the next entry will be something meaningful for once, unless another drama bomb hits!)

In other news around the Galaxy: MAX just got pwned in Round 1 vs the North.


Felysta Sandorn said...

Heh! I just blogged about pretty much the same thing earlier... Hadn't even read this yet!

Was a tad disappointing that things turned sour, but meh! We'll get over it...

Batolemaeus said...

..going down in flames. Literarily.

And a reason i don't really read forums anymore. Sometimes they are a good laugh. (and the domain-drama was, but only for a very short while. When the database dump appeared, it was just childish and not at all funny anymore. Internal forums in the public is not nice.)

Oh, and the Max thing. I wonder how the gbc can rally more different entities in their fleets than the nc, but still call the north napland.

Anyways, i'm sure we will read a lot more drama in the upcoming days and weeks.

(Poor nodes btw..from what i heard the fights were like z-k. only worse..)

Bumkin said...

nicly written as usually bri.

little update on the karbowacky situation. he WAS offered money for the domain, the only thing asked of him was that he provide the paypal account to accept the transfer. it was never provided

enuff aboot that. enjoy your panda express

batolemaeus said...

It has been quiet around you guys and gals for a week now, while alt posters shifted their focus to the nc.
How's it going with requiem? I haven't seen nor heard anything from you for a while, which is usually a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Much like Winterblink & Crovan I like your blog for the good political information :)

Votrian said...

I agree with Manasi. Love this blog for the political information.

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