Friday, October 15, 2010

[OOC] Need Help with Annoying Image Borders in Blogger

Have you noticed those stupid borders around my images like in my guide to ship effects post? I have. If you know how to remove those borders through the Blogger HTML, please help! I hate those unevenly spaced borders and want to get rid of them altogether!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Know Thy Ship Effects (Part I)

Ship effects refer to the characteristic graphics that accompany the activation of certain modules on EVE spaceships. Some modules do not show any effects at all, while others have special halos or projections. Many pvp "tutorials" or "classes" often fail to inform new players about effects and their importance in combat. Why are they so important, you may ask? For example, a smart suicide ganker will know to recognize shield hardener or repair effects on an otherwise tempting target; a small fleet may choose not to primary a carrier in triage mode; a fleet commander may choose to call someone out for fitting a sensor booster on their battlecruiser rather than a more useful module. It is also extremely important in small gang or solo combat to study what kind of modules your opponent(s) are activating. Knowing these ship effects will greatly enhance your combat capabilities. (That, and knowing when and how to run away!)

I will go through the following effects in 2 or 3 posts, not in this order:
- Sensor booster
- Tracking enhancer
- ECM/Warp disruptor/Tracking disruptor/Sensor dampener
- Shield hardener
- Armor hardener
- Active shield repairing
- Active armor repairing
(No hull repairing, sorry)
- Remote shield transfer
- Remote capacitor transfer
- Remote armor transfer
- Triage
- Siege
- Salvager
Lasers/Projectiles/Railguns/Blasters (in a separate section later maybe, with videos and sounds)
Let me know if I'm missing anything else!

One of the easiest auras to recognize, the sensor boosting ship emits shining white rays from its core. Watch out for interceptors with these modules if you're with them in a gate camp, since it usually means you won't catch anything before they do. Effect is the same with either scripts.

This one's not too difficult. Most often emitted by scimitars, basilisks, ospreys, and caldari capital ships. Looks like a white pulsating beam with regularly spaced rings.

This module is used to counter jamming ships. It is often fitted on logistics to prevent them from being jammed. Looks like a white spiral mosaic, don't know how else to describe it but the picture is true to life. Unmistakable.

A triage carrier will repair itself and remote repair its friends much more effectively, but at the cost of not being able to move. This one is a bit subtle, but it looks like small golden worms are crawling across the body of the carrier.

Just in case you want to try to battle someone else for salvaging rights, know that it looks like a bright beam of zap zap.

More to come in part II!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long-Awaited New Banner!

As you may all know, Rixx Jarvix from EVOGANDA has been a renowned banner and signature designer for many EVE corporations and blogs. I contacted him some time ago because I wasn't happy with the crappily-assembled banner that I made on some winter night when I was learning how to use Photoshop. He's been a very easy guy to work with and I'm really happy with the way my new banner has turned out. Check out his other lovely pieces of work at his Eve portfolio and his blog. Thanks Rixx! <3

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