Friday, July 25, 2008

The Nano Nerf and Random Updates

The age of "ludicrous" speed is going out of vogue. Gallenteans, Caldarians, and Amarrians rejoice!

Morphisat has beaten me to the punch and has given his opinions on the EVE dev blog regarding the nerf to many T2 speed mods and the once-expensive polycarbon rigs, as well as the very intriguing addition of functionality to the once-useless warp scrambler: the ability to disable any microwarpdrives when activated on a ship in range. This makes the Gallente recons an absolute terror to nano ships when you consider their disruptor and scrambler range bonus, making them on par with the feared anti-nano Minmatar recon ships. The popular vagabonds may very well go out of fashion very quickly, as their only saving grace is the speed and dps that they can dish out at close range with autocannons. Beside escaping from webifying and energy-neutralizing recons, nano ships now have to be wary of web scrambling ones as well, making them an even bigger challenge to fly.

I'm happy that I've trained up Recon V on my Minmatar girl, since Rapiers and Huginns will likely remain powerful mid-range support ships. And I'm even more delighted with the stealth boost to missiles, since I bring mainly Caldari battleships and HACs into fleet battles. Heck, I might even consider training up for T2 heavy assault missiles and fit them on drakes, something that I've been rather hesitant to do previously.

These changes make speed slightly less fearsome and tanking/dps/range slightly more viable. A very well-thought out balancing by CCP indeed.

Of course, many of us can't help but chuckle at the resultant emo whinage on the forums from some alliances, who shall remain unnamed, who are notorious for their use of nano-fit ships. Most sane players would've expected the nano nerf to come!

Anyway, ingame changes aside, I'm pleased to report that Requiem has now completed its move from Curse into Fountain and taken some stations, after Pandemic Legion reset standings, moved to Syndicate/Geminate to fight the Goons, and left its pets stranded. My alliance mate has given an excellent summary of our rapid deployment to Fountain in his blog. My goal is to get the Thanatos or the Moros by the end of the year, and settling down in a rich region would certainly help with the cost of frontlining capital ships... Also, the recent addition of HAVOC has added many ex-FIX and ex-0utbreak (also some ex-Rule apparently..) faces into Requiem. Many eyes are on us!

In other news: BoB and its MAX campaign seems to be wavering between pwning big time (look at all those dread kills!) and being pwned big time up North. Also, been thinking about the Fanfest, but someone tell me how I'm supposed to tell everyone that I'm taking leave on a Thursday to go for a GAMING festival in Iceland?

[OOC] Will be moving this coming week, and family will be around so... Updates will be a bit more scarce in August.


Morph said...

I am sure CCP will look into the minmatar in general and their recons as well. This might actually be a benefit, as they might really be the speed kings when this all goes live.

We'll have to watch the test server closely ;).

Anonymous said...

IM glad about the changes too ( I even just finishing training to fly the rapier :) SO I hope that all will end well. We shall see...

Spectre said...

I understand the nano nerf was necessary but this just seems really extreme. I don't fly any real nano's (unless you count inti's) and i rarely fight them. Instead I'm worried about how this is going to affect my blaster ships... with webs only being 50-60% effective and MWD's becoming useless in many close range encounters, how are blaster boats supposed to keep the close range that is necessary for them to do any DPS?

I wish they would just do the stacking nerf with nanofibers and do the speed changes to ships like detailed but not mess with webs.

batolemaeus said...

Now that the Emos left (we see them in the nano-thread now), requiem is running well, eh? nice to hear that.

The speed changes are interesting. I guess gallente recons might need a closer look because the change might make them too strong, but other than that..i'm pleasantly surprised. Did you notice the stealth Af-boost, too?

Btw. it's really entertaining to see all those emotears from people who will have their overpowered fotm 100km nanosnipers nerfed. Ohnoes!

Bri said...

@ spectre: I do think the changes will affect blaster ships too. As it stands the deimos is already an expensive but useless cannon fodder type of boat, and if its MWD were to be disabled that'd render the ship completely useless. I hope you had railguns trained up!

@ bato: Oh yes, Tri are emo drama queens. I mean, just look at the way Karbowiak rages on the forums... (p.s.: never let him become database admin for your corp/alliance.)

Carey (aka. Alex Under) said...

"...Also, the recent addition of HAVOC has added many ex-FIX and ex-0utbreak (also some ex-Rule apparently..) faces into Requiem. Many eyes are on us!..."

Thanks for the mention Bri. We're happy to have found a nice home in RQM. Being ex-Outbreak and ex-MC myself, I've worked with Seleene before in the past. We are a 2 week old corp and have over 150 members in corp. We also have ex-Invicta members which are mostly former Outbreak/MC/BoB members anyways. We have a great group and quite proud to be leading HAVOC.

See you in space Bri.

-Alex Under

Mac said...

Unless your a closet gamer, you just tell them exactly what you said. Or you can be more stealthy about it, its a vacation, you like the cold, thermal vents interest you?

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