Thursday, May 15, 2008

You Saw a What Crash into a WHAT?

That's right, a Nyx-class mothership was kamikazed into the Ishukone Headquarters in Malkalen, Caldari space... Leaving a flaming wreck and "hundreds of thousands" of dead people behind...

Federation Delegation Arrives in Malkalen Malkalen
For the first time since the end of the Gallente-Caldari War, a procession of Federation Navy warships entered Caldari Space, only this time flying a banner of peace. Met by Ishukone Watch ships at the Border Zone, civilian and military ships alike paused to watch the majestic Nyx-class super carrier and her escorts as it traveled to Malkalen. "I've never seen one in person before," admitted one Caldari Navy officer, who preferred to remain anonymous. "That's one impressive looking ship. Not as impressive as one of our own Wyverns, of course. But impressive." The Caldari Navy harbors a great deal of respect for Admiral Alexander Noir, the pilot of the Nyx and the last living veteran of the war. He has since become a spokesman for improving the relationship between the two nations, undoubtedly selected for this summit because of his years of advocating peace. "We wouldn't let just anyone fly a capital ship into the heart of our space," stated Caldari Navy Fleet Admiral Morda Engsten. "Admiral Noir has done more to bridge our differences with the Federation than anyone else. We are honored to have him, as with the entire delegation." Federation Economic Minister Wadis Chene and the members of her team left the carrier in a shuttle and docked at Ishukone Headquarters Station moments ago, where she was welcomed aboard by Otro Gariushi.

Economic Summit Underway Malkalen
To the enthusiastic applause of all in attendance, including the hundreds of reporters and camera drones present, Federation Economic Minister Wadis Chene and Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi began the session with an embrace. The emotional welcoming was symbolic of the two nations' efforts to reduce racial tensions and strengthen economic ties. Also in attendance were various guests from Ishukone, all of whom expressed interest in meeting with Federation delegates in advance. Following the handshakes, the summit commenced with a question and answer session with Otro Gariushi and Wadis Chene. Both officials expressed deep regret at the recent escalations in ethnic violence, conceded mutual blame for its origins, and accepted responsibility in taking the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again.

BREAKING NEWS: EXPLOSIONS REPORTED, CONTACT WITH ISHUKONE HEADQUARTERS STATION LOST Malkalen - ** This is a breaking news flash ** Eyewitnesses have reported a massive explosion at Ishukone Headquarters Station in Malkalen, the site of the economic summit between the Federation and Caldari State, where a general evacuation order was issued moments ago. Contact with the station, including reporters onboard, has been lost. Scope News has released recorded footage of the event taken from outside the station before the explosion was reported. We are still trying to get information and will continue to provide coverage of this event.

UPDATE: FEDERATION NYX RAMS ISHUKONE HEADQUARTERS STATION Malkalen - ** Breaking News Update** A Nyx-class supercarrier that was part of the Malkalen Economic Summit delegation has collided with Ishukone Corporate Headquarters. The calamity occurred shortly after a general evacuation order was issued on the station during the summit. Preliminary estimates place the death toll in the "hundreds of thousands". Although unconfirmed at this time, the collision appears to have been deliberate. Eyewitnesses report that the supercarrier’s escorts were engaged and destroyed shortly after the impact by Caldari Navy and Ishukone Watch warships. We are continuing to monitor this story will provide details as soon as they become available.

MALKALEN – Logs from the Local subspace channel in the Malkalen System obtained by the media have confirmed that the Nyx supercarrier piloted by Admiral Alexander Noir of the Federation Navy was deliberately piloted into Ishukone Headquarters station. This attack occurred during an Economic Summit hosted by Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi and included representatives from the Federation government. Partial transcripts of the local reveal Admiral Noir’s final words, just before impact: "I have obligation to my beloved Federation to settle accounts with this hateful race, these cursed Caldarians. For my entire life, I have mourned for Hueromont, wishing, praying, willing for the day when I could strike back on behalf of those souls who perished. Fate has bestowed upon me this grand opportunity, this great day, to take vengeance for all those who gave their lives for the Federation, the true guardian of our precious Gallentean race . . . may you rest in peace now, brave souls of Hueromont, and you, kindred spirits of Nouvelle Rouvenor, knowing that I will take back what was stolen from you . . . Curse you, Caldari . . . may I take as many of you with me that I can!" The Federation has not issued a statement as of this time. Search and rescue efforts are underway to reach survivors onboard, where numerous fires are still burning throughout. The scale of damage to the station is catastrophic, with the death count estimated to reach into the hundreds of thousands.

No kidding! This is exciting... ahem, dire... news for the Caldari empire. As a nosey civilian, I abandoned all thoughts of pvp, and headed out to Malkalen last night for some touristy pictures. Sadly you can still dock at the station, but it's still a pretty graphic job done by CCP. I had always thought the RP and storyline were sorely lacking in Eve, but factional warfare (done right) is an excellent first step.


BrooksIsHere said...

Yeah, that was one thing that I used to think was damn near impossible to really do in Eve, but, come to learn, its just highly improbable. Past few days been seeing the in game news just pour out like an inner city fire hydrant during the summer. Hope they keep it up to, and have more interactive events such as this. Cheers.

Swift Voyager said...

The small bit of the Empyrian Age novel read by its author on the recent live dev blog was great as well. The particular excerpt they read was the graphic description of the Nyx collision. Really great stuff.

Since I happen to be rather inactive in Eve lately, and my since we are all leaving my corp to form a new supercorp with some of our allies this week, I may wait before joining the new corp and try FW for a while. It sounds really exciting so far.

Bri said...

my knowledge is that alliances cannot join FW, as ccp fears that fw may be taken over just like 0.0. so if you are intending to play with fw, you may want to be aware of it... it does make empire a lot more pvp-friendly for newer players who want to get their feet wet, so it's an excellent thing.

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