Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blaze of Glory for All

When I first started this blog, I had no idea that it’d turn into an alliance warfare/politics blog like it seems to be for the last few posts. My apologies if my gentle readers were expecting something lighter to read.

Alliance news: Kudos to the Coalition for successfully taking over Branch – both sides fought hard for it, much fun to be had when the node gods chased away the lag monsters. To summarize the war: Insurgency got overpowered by the NAPtrain. The natural bitterness from losing Branch is starting to turn into hate and some action is planned – don’t ask, I won’t elaborate until the time has come. Hopefully, I won’t have to shoot too many friends, but if we meet in space as reds, pew pew will happen. You can always lambaste/castigate/brag about shooting me in my chill channel afterwards. I will still lub you. ^_^

I’ll admit that I lost my usual calm and the “it’s just a game” attitude when home space got locked down (got to be the most massive and prolonged station camp in the game – perma-camp maxed at about 400ish over the weekend, been there since Friday of last week, broken only for approximately an hour in total). I was stuck at a POS coming out of reinforced with no other safe POSes in system. Panic attack!!! After much fretting about my assets stuck in station (my BIG mistake: Putting used Amarr crystals in containers – you cannot contract damaged items!), I managed to run for it with 10 minutes left on the timer, when a combined friendly fleet came from Venal to attempt to break the camp. Thank you, fearless Phalanx pilots! All is now good... Time to roam. Now if only someone will be my luggage delivery boy

And with this, a new chapter begins for Insurgency.

Also, Darknesss, CEO of D00M, has announced the dissolution of Triumvirate over CAOD, citing tiredness amongst its pilots and internal problems. Rather than having to go in a whimper, he has decided to close shop while the going is still decent. A very wise move by Darknesss; he has my utmost respect. My salutations to Tri - I have fought against and with you, and you are a bunch of excellent pvpers, regardless of what the forum trolls and your enemies may say. God speed your nano ships.

On a completely different topic, I’ve resisted reading about the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) for a bit, simply due to plain laziness and my preconception that CSM is going to be a barking dog with no bite. A corp mate of mine asked in corp chat for us to vote for him a few days ago, but he did not have anything to document his campaign, or even a campaign! Well, I do like you, but isn’t CSM theoretically about the greater good of the entire player-base rather than just an alliance, let alone a corp? At the very least, inform the players why they should vote for you. Anyway, I decided to grudgingly take a look at all of the candidates, and came up with a few who had really well-written responses to issues at hand to deliver to CCP when the time came. These people came to mind:

- Hardin (CVA)
- Gritt Pebbledasher (PURE.)
- Omber Zombie (Frontier Technologies)
- Verone (Veto Corp)

Do check out EveMag: Special Issue for an interview of all the candidates who are running for the Council. I didn’t read through them all, but some candidates struck me as though they only ran for the sake of going to Iceland once a year for free. If you are going to vote, choose wisely and cast your misconceptions aside – some Goonswarm candidates are surprisingly eloquent, thoughtful, and well-educated.

Oh, and if you like the ambient music in Eve, you may want to check out some excellent work that a gentleman from Denmark has created as a freelance musician for Eve. Just make sure you play it in Winamp or something, because the lag monster will attack you in fleet situations if you turn audio on ingame.

P.S.: I didn’t quite like how neon-pink the old layout was, and also decided to design my own banner. I hope you like the new look!


Nuyan said...

"When I first started this blog, I had no idea that it’d turn into an alliance warfare/politics blog like it seems to be for the last few posts. My apologies if my gentle readers were expecting something lighter to read."

You know, I actually like that very much, there aren't many EVE blogs that cover it. Keep it up. :)

Kirith Kodachi / Farseer Bill said...

Just found your blog, liking it a lot. PLease keep up the good writing. :)

Cheers! Kirith Kodachi

Batolemaeus said...

There was once, in a distant future, a little boy who just wanted to free his mother.
Later, he blew up entire planets for giggles.
A little while later, some other dude blew him up with his deathstar.
I don't know what exactly i was going to say when i began writing 20 minutes ago (damn distractions), but basically:
Don't let the hate take over. It has killed entire alliances in the past, and it will do so in the future, too.

I foresee a lot of pewpew in the north for the upcoming weekend, maybe even earlier. There are at least three Titans floating around in non-cynojammed systems waiting to get killed, and a crapload of alliances operating in there.

The Great Northern War is not over yet.

It has only just begun.

It would be nice if you waited for my return, though. I am currently stuck in another world with fancy graphics but crappy balance..

Bri said...

Rofl! Reminds me of the episodes in Action! Suspense! Jita!, where the little boy riding a bike got beat up with baseball bats.

Btw bato... I saw you in Z-K. I even have a screenshot of me being blown to smithereens.

I have no hate, but hey, it's a game played by guys, what did you expect? All I have is a devilish smile. >=)

batolemaeus said...

Heh, z-k..almost all morsus mihi forces survived the first day, because we went through the backdoor and could load grid..

And for some reason i ferried about 10 ships to branch, because i thought i would lose them - and lost not a single one of them. Before the war officially started, i lost my first and only battleship, ever, and an enyo that was still in branch from the last war, and that's it.

Now i will have to jump them all back when i come back into 0.0...

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