Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's a Crazy Universe

While not going too much into sensitive details, I must say that I am unhappy with the amount of drama that has been happening within the alliance and my corp. One of our main pvp corps has left recently for IRON, leaving our stations looking somewhat empty and forlorn. While they have not really been one of the main anchors of the alliance, preferring to run their own ops instead of alliance ops, I do respect many of their FCs. They were also fairly enthusiastic on defense ops – it’s too bad that we live in the New Zealand of Eve, so gun-toting tourists want to come visit but are a bit put off by the distance.

The whole point of EVE-Online is PVP, so I can understand why they bailed. (Carebears may disagree, but without pvp you would not have industry.) Personally I am none too impressed with the current performance of Rule. Being an alliance FC, I call ops weekly but am usually met by groans and moans, or players pretending to be afk while I scour our home systems prior to departure. Yes guys, I do check on you. Last night we went out to enemy space in nano ships and I saw quite a few alliance members, who I know own and can fly nano ships, hiding in their little ratting pocket/home stations. If we had about 20 in fleet I would’ve taken us to Insurgency space, and we’d probably have died, but at least it will be tons of fun.

That said, I wonder why I remain in Ro3 when I can be learning so much more about PVP in say, Insurgency. The lack of a disciplined and organized leadership has led to soap operas one after the other. So why am I staying and rallying what’s left of us?

Camaraderie. Loyalty. Stubbornness. That, and we have the potential to become the next IRON.

Potential, I hear you ask? Where is the potential when we are falling apart? Why don’t I jump off with the others before the ship sinks like a Titanic?

EMD leadership is working on getting some exciting new blood into the alliance. One of the corps has a gung-ho gal as CEO and main FC. Can you imagine how exciting that is? Two female FCs leading two fleets and pwning our enemies? I can almost hear the catcalls in your heads, which must have fallen into the gutters with a big wet splash by now. At least 30 more active pvpers. I hope this gal is going to be a hard ass on her corp if they don’t show up for ops.

If you gotta go, you gotta go. However, I am sticking around and patching the holes in the bottom of the boat while rotten seaweed gets ditched. It is time for old blood to go and fresh blood to feed us. In 3 weeks’ time, I will be making my final decision of the worthiness of the alliance. Meanwhile, I am staying to help our leaders make some difficult decisions, and to boost the morale of our troops.

Nah, not girl-on-girl action. Get your own happy pill. \o/


The Congo Sovereign said...

new zealand = the ghetto.

you're a lot kinder.

frankly, as I'm sure you would agree, the leadership is, well.. not leading.

the ideas that are being floated around are just ... unrealistic.

you'll have plenty of targets when MH decides that it's better to take then to buy.. considering they know what we know..

Leonard Cohen the song writer said it best.."Everybody knows..."

The Congo Sovereign said...

well.. if you want to come to work on building a "less" dramatic and more cohesive unit, come join us.

You can easily be afforded a founding member position.

I think it will be a little more fun and less petty "non-fun" garbage.

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Swift Voyager said...

Since I post using my Eve character name, there's little you can't find out about me from reading kill boards and such. I'm in a small-ish corp of mostly serious players and our alliance is about the same. We're trying to grow and get a better home than Syndicate, but time will tell. The statement you made about getting people to go out and pew pew is very familliar. I don't know how many times we've tried to get a roaming gang going and although there are like 100 people on the alliance TS server, the roaming gang ends up being the same 15-20 people every time.

I guess I don't blame all of them. I myself don't always have time to join up in a roaming gang. If I'm AFK'ish because I'm making dinner while I play, or I know that I have to go out in an hour, then there's really no way to keep up with all the FC instructions and follow the jumps. However, when I DO have time to join the gang, I'm there. Like you have said, Eve is about PvP, and more specifically Eve is about fleet action PvP. I really don't understand why people want to play Eve but pass up chances to go kick some @$$ with the fleet. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I disliked later seasons of Battlestar Galactica was because of all the crazy, lame infighting that you saw on the human side. I always felt that was unrealistic. (Let's get on fighting the Silons already!) After a couple of months of EVE and learning some about 0.0 politics, Galactica ain't got anything on Drone Regions ... ^_^

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