Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Tackling is for Men"

One of my favorite ships has got to be the acclaimed Crusader. Ever since I started switching into Amarr ships, it's been my staple scout ship for many 0.0 gangs. Arguably interceptors are just as effective, if not more effective, than their interdictor cousins due to their excellent base agility and speed. I prefer flying them over heavy tanking battleships and even cruisers, although I do occasionally favor the armor-tanked Ishkur in low sec or tiny gangs.

IT Alliance has recently deployed to Syndicate and I am in good company thus far. (Much better than Atlas pvp, thank the lords!) Tonight, in my second fleet with iT, I was extremely successful with my beloved Crusader, tackling an ishkur at a belt, even managing to get heroically take on a vexor, a neuting dominix, and a cyclone, smashing the concept that tackling is a tough aggressive job meant for manly men and impressing (scaring?) my fleet mates. Unfortunately, on our way home, my scouting/tackling career ran into a screeching halt after I stupidly lost my crusader to session change timer on a gate. Why? I was sitting cloaked, reporting "sabres killing maledictio..." and as I went to activate my MWD, I was locked (because I decloaked as the session timer expired) and promptly got shot to smithereens. My fleet didn't even have time to catch the offending frigates, and to add insult to injury, a few systems later the rest of the fleet proceeded to kill some Tempests and juicy dramiels while I was providing intel for them in my capsule and gazing helplessly, wishing that my capsule had the capacity for even one puny Civilian Gatling Railgun. But alas, dreams become dashed hopes...

I hate missing out on killmails. *sheds a tear*


Anonymous said...

If you are into tackling rather than killing/DPS with your Inty, take a look at the Malediction. Not quite as fast as the Crusader (especially since the Crusader gets 4 low slots) and certainly can't dish out the damage as well. But the Malediction has 2 mids for tackling gear and gets the range bonus to Warp Disruptors/Warp Scramblers. You'll need a Ionic Field Projector rig to really get the advantage of a 30 km Warp Disrupter II. The 11 km warp Scrambler II range can also be a surprise to some victims.
If however you like to kill still with your own guns... yeah, stick with the Crusader.

Scout, tackle, aggress, suicide warp-in point, die.
your humble Interceptor pilot

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