Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The RedHawk (My Computer)

So, my old el cheapo Dell PC kept killing my graphics card, including a GeForce XFX 8600 and a Sapphire ATi Radeon in under 2 years. As I sent my GeForce in for a lengthy RMA... I had an idea...

I figure that to become a true geek, I have to build my own computer, so I went on Newegg and bought some parts and embarked on the ambitious project. I expected some scraps (and I did - got my palm bbq'd by the steel case, bah), but the total build time was under 12 hours, which I was pretty proud of as a first-time builder. Someone had attempted to teach me how to do it as a kiddo, but I was 8 and hardly remember anything besides how difficult it was to wench out the power cables.

The total cost of the components with shipping comes to approximately 600 bucks, which I thought was a great deal for a mid-range computer. Newegg is the only place I bought PC parts from and they've got fantastic service - highly recommended!

My system specifications:

Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16GHz Dual-Core Processor with Arctic Cooling CPU Fan
ASUS P5Q Intel P45 Motherboard
G.Skill 4GB DDR2 800 Memory
Western Digital 500GB SATA Hard Drive
OCZ StealthXStream 600W Power Supply
GeForce XFX 8600GT Graphics Card (RMA in progress, ugh)
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
All encased in a red NZXT steel chassis.

Oh, and Arctic Silver Thermal Compound is so hax, it keeps my CPU at room temperature and the motherboard at 30C idling.

Anyway, enter the sexy little piece:

/end nerd pride

A huge thank you to the EVE geek squad who helped with picking my system parts!

I just had to stick my painted toes in there for color comparison...


Spectre said...

Building your own PC can be a lot of fun and I try to compare it to how when normal people like to work on their cars, nerds like to work on their computers. I have been building my own gaming PC's since I was like 15 and I can't imagine ever buying some prebuilt.

Mynxee said...

*grin* I imagine nerd-boys all over New Eden are preparing their marriage proposals even now, Bri! Hee hee hee. That is a sexy case and nice price for the stats.

WTM said...

Congrats on building your own machine....

The satisfaction level only increases from here as you start using it.

Nice colour by the way......

....oh and the PC looks good too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gratz indeed, the mule is happily married otherwise an unrejectable offer would be presented to you for marriage! Looks like you went the right way indeed 600 bucks for a great rig! Way to go ( been building my own boxes since 1989) but damned if I have gotten mine for a good a price :)

CrazyKinux said...

I actually build my first PC just to play EVE. At the time I had an IBM PC300 which couldn't be upgraded.

I'm still using that same PC today, and though it's in dire need of an upgrade, as long as EVE runs smoothly though, I'll refrain from upgrading.

Oh, and btw, love that nail polish colour! Might use it when I get my next pedicure.(**winks back at Mynxee**)


Bri said...

ahaha! i'd like to see pics of um, male pedicures... i heard they do it in some nyc salons.

WTM said...

Trust me.... the last thing in this universe anyone wants to see are the hobnails attached to my feet.

The worst thing is going to be in about 3 months when you go... "you know, if I made x upgrade, it would run soooo much better".

Tony said...

Looks very neat!
Now put that computer to good use and go play EVE!

Rel said...

Iv been building my own PCs since I was 12 or so. Its fun for a while, but my last one I decided to just buy from microcenter...what a time saver. Really cool PC you have there, I like the neat case.

Ombey said...

Ooh nice :) and the rig is nice too ;-)

Building your own PC is very satisfying indeed. Good stuff!

Wotlankor said...

Where are you ?
What has happened ?

Anonymous said...


Mr Kha said...

There aren't many ladies out there building computers. Congratz!

-Mr Kha

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