Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Power of Vengeance

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. - Jules, Pulp Fiction (1994)

After the super alliance formed by the combined forces of Goonswarm, IRON, Razor, RA, Tortuga (debatable), and miscellaneous other alliances who attacked BoB's fortress in Delve and nearly killed them, it wasn't hard to imagine the simmering thoughts of death the bobbits harbored for their northern brethern. In recent months, the GBC has been conducting massive campaigns in Tribute, Vale of The Silent, Deklein, and surrounding areas. The dark horse Triumvirate has been working with BoB, leaving their own trail of destruction by eradicating Hydra. IRON and Pure were the latest casualties in the so-called napfest to fall to GBC advances.

Just yesterday, the GBC scored another impressive feat in the Tribute pipe: the systematic slaughtering of some 50 NC capitals and innumerable support ships. A battle report is given by both SirMolle of BoB and KIAEddz of KIA Alliance from opposing points of view (with propaganda thrown in for good measure). What was supposed to be an ambush on the part of NC backfired badly; they were supposed to gate jump their support and battleships into M-O, cyno the capitals in at the gate (??!) and titan bridge the rest in at the same time. The last time the NC tried to pull this on Insurgency, the same thing happened: the node crashed, NC pilots lacked the discipline to log on at the same time, and the result was a turkey shoot that yielded some 60+ kills for me over a period of 2 hours. This was no different except that the NC had capital ships that crashed at the gate in M-O, with predictably disastrous results as they all logged in one by one. It made me wonder if the NC fleet commanders ever learn from their experience, and if they knew how to play chess.

Battlefield in M-O from a bobbit's point of view. Red ships and yellow wrecks belong to the Coalition.

One by one, the segments of the train has disintegrated. It will only be a matter of time until all the best PVP corps are consolidated into Morsus Mihi as BoB and Tri continue their rampage through the North. Then and only then will we know if MM can survive an onslaught on the scale of the Delve invasion that Bob successfully withstood.

My only qualm is that I couldn't be there to watch the NC die, for Insurgency.


Anonymous said...

Then and only then will we know if MM can survive an onslaught on the scale of the Delve invasion that Bob successfully withstood.

Hi Bri

First time we have to disagree with one another :)

Well problem was/is that Delve is NPC space.

You cant "win" when BoB flees to an NPC region and sit there.

Keeping that many people in a system for the months it would have taken to "finish" BoB was an unlikely senario.

MM or many other alliances dont have an NPC region to go to.
And if they go to it we would never hear the end of it on CAOD.

Bri said...

Wot: Thanks for your input!

I've heard about the NPC argument too.. And I've lived it, didn't work for Insrg. BoB had the advantage that the Coalition gave up so quickly and lived so far away from Delve. But the way they came back full force was impressive and, tbh, the North never had the adhesiveness that BoB had.

Of course MM would not go to an NPC region. If they get chased out of Tribute they will just either disband or move to an entirely different region. Who knows? I've always had respect for MM, but few others in the Naptrain (that's not including mercenaries).

Rel said...

I would quite enjoy seeing the NC die.

bumkin said...

i have to take issue with delve being npc space. i think there are a total of 5 npc stations in delve. the other 15 are bob owned.

that coalition that went against used the npc stations to base out of. so how was that an advantage to bob?

just my 2 cents.

always fun to read bri. see ya in game some time.

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