Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Primetime, Just Not for EVE

I hope everybody is having a glorious summer!

I've been very busy with relocating and setting up IRL, so unfortunately my Internet access has been on, off, shakey, and sometimes reversing in full speed, making Eve all but impossible. Luckily it's now properly set up at my new place... However, I will still be travelling the next two weeks, so I won't get to blog much or play much Eve. As a confirmed Eve geek, I'd like to issue a friendly reminder to others living in the northern hemisphere: Internet spaceship is serious business, but remember that summer is short and winter, soon to arrive, is the prima season for indoor activities.

Meanwhile in my absence, the Requiem has been making inroads into Fountain. Pandemic Legion had left the region and its pets behind earlier on this month, most likely in pursuit of "hotter" regions for pvp prior to Requiem's move-in. Apparently Requiem proved to be a worthy enemy for PL, who returned to the region it once abandoned and issued many strong challenges in terms of nanogangs, capital fleets, and sovereignty swings. As of the moment, Requiem is holding onto its newly gained station system. Much fun to be had by both sides, lots of expensive big ships are making their way around the frontlines, and fair action reports are plentiful but unfortunately, at the moment, still full of smacky commentators.

I'm off to continue my vacation. Until then, fly safe, and shoot many!


WTM said...

"Summer??? (looks out window)
Nope, definitely winter..."

Sorry, couldn't resist....

Enjoy the summer, it is all too easy to miss it, (in the interest of internet pew pew).

Myself, well it's winter here in NZ, so I will be logged on stealing your asteroids, moons, and systems.....

Just kidding...... (maybe)

Winterblink said...

Hope you left a long skill training. :)

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