Monday, June 9, 2008

All Things Must Come to an End

A new beginning. Again. Wait, three times in a year ain’t enough?

This morning, as I woke up groggily and grabbed breakfast before dashing out of my house to go to work, I read an important announcement from Insurgency alliance leaders. Now, before any of you angry zealots go off on me for giving out intel, I can almost assure you that the news is out on CAOD by the time I finish polishing this entry. So ridden is Insurgency with spies, even in its leadership positions, that any announcements made over the alliance forums would most certainly leak like a troublesome sewage pipe the moment they were made.

Anyway, word is that Insurgency is finally laying down its defiant flag and disbanding. After falling from the lofty throne of conquering Branch, the subsequent loss has devastated the morale of many members, who fled in droves just as quickly as they jumped on the bandwagon when the going was good.

Is my sixth sense just too acute, or what? Just a day before the announcement was made, I made the difficult decision of joining another corporation within Insurgency, one that is of elite reputation and has the firepower and organization to back it up. In a scenario that is eerily déjà vu, I find myself bailing from a ship moments before it is due to hit a reef.

I joined Game-Over, an ex-BoB corporation.

(Strangely enough, my main is yet again camped in and so cannot get to an office, while my alt was already accepted. I may resign to podding myself out of my +3 set of implants if it doesn’t look clear by tonight. Only the truly special/lucky/talented can get at Bri’s corpses, since I’m usually one slippery chick.)

It is oddly amusing that high smack trails me whenever I leave a corp, usually the "backstabber - typical girl yadayadaya" sort of remark. I’ve always behaved with integrity, and have made a reputation of myself as a pvper with a brain and not your average gold digger chick (though donations will bring you much luvin’…!), but some people simply cannot accept my laissez faire attitude when I choose to go. To clarify, I abhor corp hoppers and will do my utmost to stay in one for years if possible, but it’s plain silly and futile to try to repair a boat that has its hull fatally breached. For those nay-sayers of mine (btw, I’m flattered if you read this blog), note that I did not leap off the bandwagon right when Insurgency lost Branch, and actually stepped up for a limited amount of duty. Anyway, such is the manner that I find true friends, ingame and out-of-game – those who can see past their own egos and stay in touch despite petty differences. I digress.

For anyone remotely familiar with Insurgency, the reasons why it fell was painfully obvious. There were simply too many bandwagoners, too many spy-ridden corporations all doing indiscriminate recruiting, and too little visionary leadership save for a dedicated few who tried their best to hold everything together (a big thank you to d solo, C4, and the fine ginger FC). It was like rallying a mob of gangsters who had some success in the underworld. Of course, one may claim that hindsight is always 20/20, but I had expected Insurgency not to adhere for too long when I first joined for pvp pastures. I had even voiced concerns about the “ghetto-ness” of some alliance members back then.

But in all, I am rather blasé about all of this. I had awesome fun, but it turned into yet another fallen alliance that allowed discord to reach a tipping point and could not harness the power of its members combined. Que sera sera.

This is your newsperson for the North signing out; I do not expect to be back for a long, long time to come. It has turned into a sea of blues, which was what I was escaping from in the first place. All good things must end someday and it could well be a blessing in disguise...

Fly safe you monkeys – especially bato, what was with that fleet landing in your own inline bubbles, and ignoring my greetings in local! *pouts*

Update: I got my pod safely out of Vale using 5,600 isk, logoffskis en warp, and the bloody sacrifice of a noob alt, but it was a very close shave. And to clarify the "sign out" comment, no I was not emoragequitting, but rather stating that I will not be able to report news from the North in much detail in the future.


CrazyKinux said...

The Force is strong with you Bri. Remind me to ask for advice before making important moves!


Anonymous said...

insurgency's fate really was sealed when it moved into the north naptrain and started making asses of themselves it happened last year and again this year but atleast t.i.ts had the foresight to attack with mc when they started losing

Ombey said...

Always sad to see an estanblished Alliance go down, but as you say- indiscriminate recruiting from a corp or two can really louse things up.

Bri said...

lol, will do ck. ;)

i don't know what is this "making asses" of which you speak. steamrolling a weaker alliance is quite the common thing to do except in the north it seems (see: the south, fountain, drone regions). but some people sure were asses looking at the way they poast on caod.

agreed that insrg is t.i.t.s. II though, slightly better but still suffering from that lack of organization.

Havohej said...

I hope this doesn't mean you won't be posting again in the near future. I just recently started reading L.I.S.! Good luck with Game-Over.

The Congo Sovereign said...

I like reading the thingie about the dude who stole all the corp assets Janout.. or something..

that was funny.. I

Votrian said...

Hope you can keep on posting!


batolemaeus said...

I didn't have any inliners online in the last few days. :P

See you in the north. You always come back to the north.

But next time you come, please don't invade my ratting grounds. ;)

Carey said...

Nice blog. First time I came across it. Keep the stories coming.

As for Insurgency. Every alliance struggles in the North, if it's not part of the NAP fest that is MM, RZR, PURE, etc...

Come down South. The weather is much nicer and much better PvP action as well.

-Alex Under (Outbreak)

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