Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Murphy's Law and Killmail "Whoring" Don't Mix

"I never had a slice of bread, Particularly large and wide, That did not fall upon the floor, And always on the buttered side." - Norwalk paper, 1841

I can only mentally exclaim "What the...!!" and shake my fist when I perused the Battleclinic killboard at work ( multitasking as usual). I had logged off early last night to catch some sleep after staying up late the night before to take care of some Coalition stragglers. Anyway, last night was a boring gate camp, and someone else had looted the faction fitted rapier that we killed an hour ago. So I figure I'd get some beauty sleep instead. As you know, my goal this year is to get capital ship kills. Guess what? Barely 30 minutes after I had logged, the roaming gang I had been in netted not one, but TWO carrier kills. Good job boys, but... ARGH!!!!

That really makes me hate having to be at work... C'mon, don't deny me my capital kills...

P.S.: And I missed a fricking
TITAN kill when I took a nap. *emoragequit* I tell ya.
P.P.S.: And it rained after I washed my car.


CrazyKinux said...

I know the feeling. Something similar happened to me over a year ago. Took me days to forgive myself.

You'll get yours one day.


Anonymous said...

Rumour has it they did it on purpose to spite you. They waited till you'd logged, then did the deeds. ;-)

Votrian said...

I just found this Blog. Very nicely done and I love the colour scheme.

As for missing kills, it sucks but one can't play EVE 23/7 for long; I have tried and almlost went insane.

However, on the day I decided to re-adjust to normality (i.e. play less than 23/7) 30 minutes after I log; friends get on a dread kill.......


ps: have added your blog to my list.

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