Friday, February 29, 2008

I can't fit a Kestrel!

An intra-alliance T1 frigate tourney is being planned for the next weekend. So there I was, cleaning the dust off the wings of my little Kessie that's been sitting in my hangar for a few months, untouched. The very little ship that carried me from the safe embrace of empire into the gaping maws of deep 0.0 space (with lots of teeth at the low security systems) when I joined the alliance.

Baring the Hello Kitty hull, I then realized belatedly with horror that I couldn't, for the life of me, fit it properly. When I sauntered through my ship hangar, I noticed that a ballistic control fell off the powergrid, I couldn't shove 4 launchers onto the Kitty's wings, and any attempts at fitting a microwarpdrive caused the computer systems to die. I had even just taught my neural networks advanced weapon upgrades up to level 2!

Looks like I have to train up my Energy Management skills so I can use Micro Auxilliary Power Cores. Only then can I slap some slightly decent named mods on there, and even then it will be a very tight fit. Missiles, with their lack of tracking issues, can be truly devastating to fast little ships, so I plan on fitting the little thing for DPS and running away when necessary. I'm fairly good at slipping away, and who would want to shoot a girl anyway......

I, with my 11m skillpoints, can't fit a T1 frigate. I am feeling like a noobie all over again...


Anonymous said...

noooooooooooooooooob. but a hot nooooob.

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